The Silver Case

released on Oct 07, 2016

A remaster of Silver Jiken

This is the first time "The Silver Case" has been fully localized to English.
In this hit, the player takes control of the protagonist, a member of the Special Forces Unit "Republic", from a first-person perspective. The game takes inspiration from the adventure and novel genres, leading the player through an in-depth story in which the truth is gradually revealed as they solve various puzzles, offering a fresh and unique experience.

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tedium and lack of focus can't detract from what is at its core a sincere and triumphant experience in a sea of late 90s galge
silver case stands out among its successors by not being encumbered in sheer incoherence that masks a lack of depth. instead, it delivers its message with straightforward intentions

This is probably one of my favorite Visual Novels of all time. It's a mess in a lot of ways but in those same ways it's utterly fascinating to me. It's a amazing experience and the start of one of my favorite series of all time.

one can only dream of chain smoking and checking emails all day

this game is cool as hell. it is also weird as hell. narratively it is extremely obtuse and a tad too densely packed with ideas that confuse the hell out of me, but by god is it engaging nontheless. the central mystery and narrative and how the information is slowly revealed to the player is unmatched, and the lain-like prescience of suda51 to come up with a chapter like kamuidrome is incredible. the game feels like it goes crazy. playing it kind of sucks, but it just would not be as special if the controls werent unintuitive. characters are incredibly memorable and this has to have one of the best, most immersive uses of a player character in history. the style of high quality pictures interspersed with low quality, grainy videos throughout make for a very singular experience. the soundtrack is neat. placebo is a bit of a slog, but makes up for it by being much more grounded compared to the utter insanity of transmitter. the more clear-cut narrative moments are impactful as hell too. i think i may be in love witth suda51