The Surge 2

released on Sep 24, 2019

The Surge 2 keeps what fans and critics loved about the original while also expanding greatly upon the formula. The Surge 2 takes place in a brand new environment: a sprawling, devastated city with larger, more ambitious level design and improved engine. Combat is more brutal and tactical than ever, with even more options thanks to an expanded limb targeting system.

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A significant improvement on the first game. The devs at Deck13 seem to have finally learned their lesson about varying up their environments so the player doesn’t get bored or lost (the fatal flaw of both Lords of the Fallen and the first Surge). It’s not like the urban landscape is particularly riveting as a set piece, but at very least the environments are clearly delineated and differentiated from one another - I always had a good sense of where I was and where I needed to go next. Not exactly glowing praise, but it’s a step forward at least.

The mechanical changes from the original game also tend to be in this game’s favor. In the first game, it was easy to spam dismemberments and end up with a lot of unneeded vendor trash, but here slashing off limbs is tied to battery power, the same resource that you use to heal. So, the game creates an interesting choice - dismember the enemy for parts or hold on to the battery power for a potential future heal. Adding onto to the complexity of this system is the fact that you refill your battery power by attacking. This encourages aggression in a way that reminded me a little bit of Bloodborne’s rally system. Indeed, considering that this is also a much faster game than its predecessor, the shift from the stodginess of Dark Souls to the nimble ballet of Bloodborne is a rather apt analogy for the relationship between the original Surge and its sequel.

Except that Dark Souls and Bloodborne are packed to the gills with weird and evocative concepts and ineffable set pieces, while The Surge…well, it’s sci-fi gobbledygook in the worst way. Genuinely, I admire how the devs at Deck13 have clearly improved since they got into the Soulslike business with Lords of the Fallen. But the one thing that has never changed, whether in Lords of the Fallen, The Surge 1, or here, is that their narratives are so bereft of inspiration, their writing so bland, that my eyes glaze over as soon as the characters open their mouths. I really hope my experience changes with their future games, but I’m not hopeful. The narrative here centers around trying to find a little girl with nanite powers (yep, not joking) before a petulant, snot-nosed cult leader named Eli can steal the aforementioned powers for himself. Transhumanism, worship of technology, corporate malfeasance - all of your typical sci-fi cliches are incorporated here, if only half-heartedly.

I didn’t care one iota for the story, as you might have guessed, but I won’t deny that the actual act of playing this game is pretty damn fun. So, it’s empty calories. But what would life be without an indulgent little snack every once in awhile?

Dropped it after getting too frustrated with a certain boss. The combat is better than the first, but it lacks in atmosphere and level design compared to the first. Weapons are fun and there's plenty of different types to experiment with. You can try out different builds fairly easily as upgrade materials aren't hard to come by. Some areas are exceedingly difficult to the point of frustrating. Overall in some ways it's superior to the first, and in some ways inferior. This series is probably the best Souls style game not made by From in my opinion, and might be the closest we'll ever get to "wouldn't it be cool if From made a futuristic sci-fi Souls?"

This review contains spoilers

The Surge 2 é belo, divertido e fluído, sendo talvez o melhor souls "não-from software" que já joguei.
A história ficou em segundo plano pra mim, já que ela só conseguiu conquistar minha atenção bem no fim do jogo, e já era tarde pra eu tentar entender a maioria das coisas que estavam rolando. O que realmente me cativou e me incentivou a continuar jogando até platinar foram os cenários e principalmente a gameplay. As áreas são bem bonitas e desenhadas, com um ótimo level design e a gameplay é com certeza o maior brilho do jogo. O esquema de parry direcional é absurdamente divertido e satisfatório de se usar, existem várias armaduras e builds diferentes que permitem vários estilos diferentes de jogo e o combate é rápido e fluído. O jogo também é bem balanceado e o nivelamento dos inimigos ocorre de forma mais lenta, ajudando o jogador a se adaptar aos inimigos sem ficar morrendo a cada dois golpes.
A única crítica ue tenho ao jogo é com relação à sua performance. Tive várias quedas de FPS a partir da segunda metade do jogo e isso acabou incomodando um pouco, principalmente quando ocorriam em confrontos contra vários inimigos ou chefes.

Jugué al primero y la historia tenia algo de sentido, esto es solo una escusa para usar un titulo "conocido" y hacer dinero.
La exploración se vuelve tediosa y poco intuitiva, intenta dar verticalidad a sus zonas pero es muy caótico,el combate no está mal , pero el repetir boses hace que el juego se alargue innecesariamente.
Me ha sobrado facilmente 5 horas.

Big improvement over the first one, still has it's issues but overall a very solid soulslike.