Tomb Raider I•II•III Remastered

released on Feb 14, 2024

Discover Lara Croft’s Original Adventures, Lovingly Restored Play the Original Three Tomb Raider Adventures: For the first time ever, play the complete experience with all expansions and secret levels on modern platforms in this definitive collection. Included Game Titles Tomb Raider I + The Unfinished Business Expansion Tomb Raider II + The Gold Mask Expansion Tomb Raider III + The Lost Artifact Expansion

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Una preciosa experiencia para recordar la necesidad de volver a los clásicos. Porque los clásicos son inmortales y la figura de Lara Croft permanecerá por siempre en el imaginario colectivo de los videojuegos. Pero la realidad hoy en día es que ni con un intento tosco de controles modernos ni con una capa de pintura (literal esto, es loable, pero es lo que es) se consigue despegar la trilogía inicial de TR de lo que es: un producto de su época. En concreto de los 90. Es tremendo lo que consiguieron hacer con las capacidades técnicas de aquella. También se entienden bien los ciclos de desarrollo y de costes al ver cómo están hechos y planteados.
Es un producto interesante y una experiencia a la que hay que acercarse al menos una vez en la vida para entender lo que Tomb Raider dejó de legado, pero ya está. Es una colección importante y necesaria, pero ya está. La serie Legend cambió demasiado el estilo de juego y la serie Survivor convirtió a Lara Croft en otro personaje.

Quizá necesitemos ver a esta Lara de nuevo en acción en un juego nuevo, pero si es así, ojalá sea reflejando lo mejor que tenían estos juegos (los rompecabezas, el plataformeo, los secretos, la ambientación y el SILENCIO de la exploración) y aprendiendo de lo que ha funcionado y lo que no por el camino.

Tomb Raider 1:
Couldn't earn the game completion trophy due to a power outage which corrupted my save (ON THE LAST LEVEL TOO), and I couldn't be bothered to play everything all over again so I cheated to get back to the last level. It really dampened my feeling of accomplishment. But that aside, I had a blast with this! It was so fun to replay this classic with a new coat of paint. It was lovely. Honestly big recommendation from me already. Excited to go to 2 now. I played these games all the time with my mom as a kid so this rerelease in general feels really special to me.
[Will update after beating 2 and 3]

Boggles the mind how people can play FromSoftware games and be like "Oh these games are amazing, they don't hold your hand or tell you where to go and they're incredibly hard to remaster but so rewarding when you do" then they play OG Tomb Raider and just instantly assume it's shit because it the controls are hard to get used to.

Maybe it's because platforming in AAA games has been dumbed down to an insulting degree or maybe it's because modern Tomb Raider is more action focused, but these games have always been primarily exploration, puzzle and platforming games with a specific control set designed for that, not action games with shit controls.

If you're new to this trilogy then please, take your time to get to grips with it and you'll experience some absolute masterclasses in level design and atmosphere.

What an absolutely beautiful remaster so clearly made by people full of love for the source material. Tomb Raider fans spent well over a decade begging for this to happen and it's far better than I could have ever imagined. Fingers crossed for The Last Revelation, Chronicles and Angel of Darkness next, then even Legend, Anniversary and Underworld.

Lara Croft is back, baby!

It's been lovingly remastered and rebuilt in an entirely new engine. The visuals are gorgeous and it keeps all the extra content (even finishing some for TR3 that never came out).

Modern controls are ass tho. Back or slide flipping are limited to the guns being out and it just doesn't work. The free camera also breaks endlessly to the point where it's impossible to see.

I'd also say that the remastered visuals make some pickups almost impossible to see.

Other than that, pretty damn good.

I didn't play the origin game . but this remastered is boring the i didn't like the character moves . maybe this remastered for ones who played the origin i don't know

(Initial thoughts while I slowly play through the first game)
A very well-made facelift to the classic games with much love and care, including new modern controls that feel alot more in-line with current sensibilities. However, the lack of an autosave and the sometimes frustrating platforming does show the game's age somewhat.