Vampire Survivors

released on Dec 17, 2021
by Poncle

Mow thousands of night creatures and survive until dawn! Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror casual game with rogue-lite elements, where your choices can allow you to quickly snowball against the hundreds of monsters that get thrown at you.

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Automatic weapons is genius, the amount of powerups, modifiers, and enemies is really cool, great value, just wish there was a story to make everything mean more.

At first I was unsure if I should review this since I technically never played it but then I remembered that I watched a baby sensory video once and that’s basically the same thing

The first 20 or so hours of this game were like crack to me, I just couldn't stop playing to fill out that ever-expanding checklist of things to do to unlock more game mechanics, more weapons, more characters and more levels to do what is essentially some twin-stick shooting but with only one stick.
The gameplay of your weapons automatically firing off as you walk around felt kind of like a tower defense game, except you are the towers with all the weapons you're carrying around. Levelling up and getting stronger to the point of being a "whirlwhind of death" as I've seen it described is a very satisfying feeling.
When you reach the point of not being afraid of not completing a run, but instead patiently waiting to upgrade your character with a sense of inevitable victory the game kind of lost a bit of its charm, and it felt kind of like going through the motions of doing more and more runs just to keep unlocking things, but it kept me playing for about 35 hours before I felt like I had gotten my fill.
There have been two DLC-packs released that I've not checked out, maybe I'll play those in the future if I get the itch.

(Meth * Crack) ^ 2 = Vampire Survivors

Did I complete this?
As someone still waiting to break into the Industry after spending 4 years at University, the story behind this game is incredibly inspiring. I really like it as a podcast game and I think I finished every level but once I did that I felt like I was finished with it. I know there's like secrets in the levels and stuff but I felt quite satisfied with what I played and didn't really feel the urge to continue.
Big fan of the Garlic.

I played this while reading in a call while playing cookie clicker, a VN, and watching family guy funny moments all at the same time. A transformative experience.