released on Nov 13, 2019

Wildermyth is a character-driven, procedurally-generated tactical RPG. Lead a band of unique heroes as they grow from a reluctant farmers into legendary fighters. Battle threats lurking in the Yondering Lands and discover secrets that the land has to offer.

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É muito mágico no começo mas depois de algumas campanhas a magia vai se perdendo

super cool narrative framework, surprisingly successful semi-procedural character/relationship writing. gameplay is not that interesting and i dont really like the art conceit

A brilliant mix of strategy, crpg, roguelike and more. Wildermyth to me is one of the few games that stood out for it's paper-like design and really delivered fully on it's gameplay. The game functions as a bunch of mini-campaigns, of which you play over the course of many characters, each time finishing a campaign immortalizing your characters to use later. Plus with a fairly competent multiplayer system and mods galore, it's hard to dislike, a very good experience for those interested in a simpler form of ttrpg or crpg.

Only completed one campaign, but a cool concept. Just a bit clunky in parts.

La idea de un juego que sea capaz de crear historias procedurales es muy interesante y este juego lo aprovecha hasta cierto punto. Sin embargo, lo que al principio parecen un sinfín de opciones acaba haciéndose repetitivo a más no poder por la falta de variedad. Una pena.