as someone that does not like beat 'em ups at all, still enjoyed a lot of this game. I suppose that a lot of the enjoyment comes from liking the original comics, so seeing the characters you like in some beautiful pixel-art, AMAZING soundtrack, and some cleverly designed stages makes up for the basic gameplay.

It's pretty much the same game as the one on 360 and PS3, But I can actually play it now so it's worth it overall.

The only downside to this was its online multiplayer which was godawful. I don't think I've ever played an online game where I get desynced from my friends game, it's really bad.

But yeah besides that the game is perfect.

Dropped at the final level due it being too frustrating for a single player to make it through. Mostly a great game with brilliant music but ultimately struggles with its difficulty balancing unfortunately

While it's nothing groundbreaking for the genre, it's a good time for any fans of the classic beat'em up formula.

First time playing this in ten years and every song, level and enemy is still vividly clear in my memory. It's almost sobering to come to the realisation that it's not a particularly great game as far as beat-em-ups go, but I cherish it all the same. Wonderfully charming and creative and with a momentum that only ever ends when you get stunlocked to death from an enemy's offscreen divekick or something. There are better games in this genre, but few at all with pixel art and score this lovingly made.

El control a veces no es todo lo fluido que debería ser, su sistema de progresión de personajes le obliga a meter picos de dificultad demasiado acuciados y una opción de juego cruzado le vendría de perlas. Pero no seré yo quién se queje de este orgasmo de puñetazos pixel que ofrece una experiencia frenética al ritmo de los poderosos bits de Anamanaguchi.