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One of the most interesting games made for Kinect. Diabolical Pitch is, as the name implies, about pitching. and you gotta pitch . . . a lot. The atmosphere rides a line between spooky and goofy, and it's pretty charming, albeit a bit too muddy-looking at times. The sound design is excellent, giving great feedback when defeating foes. The mechanics work fine for Kinect, but become really tiring. It's a short game that I beat in a single playthrough, and my right arm was dying for a couple days after that.

The worst part would probably be the story itself. It's very unimaginative and doesn't really go in any interesting directions. It might not be as enjoyable as a few other Kinect games, but for a $10 launch, it's definitely worth at least a couple sessions for those that are morbidly curious of this dumbass peripheral Microsoft desperately pushed.