Absolutely up there with Sonic 3&K for me, its not too terribly long either! Which is kind of a good thing because it makes it so easy to pick up and play and not get that frustrated at there being a life system...
even though i wouldve been cool with an optional life system tbh... tbh........
But OH WELL, i really like the assortment of zones in this game; particulalry Sunset HIll and Robotnik Winter kinda kick major ass. The final zone itself is kind of wack with the routes you get beamed into but theyre not like a major drop in quality imo just a lesser fun point when I start getting game overs on the badnik elevator.
I also really love the quick switching between tails and sonic, if anything it makes them so fluid to switch between that sometimes during boss fights i was doing that shit to avoid being hit by something i felt like i wouldnt have the reflex to avoid otherwise
Even though to someone rlly good at video games that would probably not even matter pfftft
The special stages to get emeralds RULE, and fang fucking rocks i wish sega gave This much of a fuck about him but this was delightful to play through and the story twist genuinely got me and led up to SUUUUUUUUUUCH a sick final boss when i got all the emeralds :>
Also this is a sonic game that has the super peel-out, so that alone gets it brownie points in my opinion. They did a really great job with this, especially for a fangame! setting some standards that rlly makes u want sonic team to take notes on

Reviewed on Oct 24, 2022