One of the most lastingly interesting core concepts any driving game has ever had - a competitive arcade racer where you indirectly attack your opponents by triggering explosive stage events of increasing levels of large-scale Bayhem. It leaves you with a wonderfully unique ebb and flow where the rewards you trigger with hard-earned resources come with their own risks. Clutch moments where you dare to drift dangerously close to an idle wrecking ball or gas station for a little more speed, unsure whether an opponent is going to pull the trigger. Track-wrending power plays that act as an activatable Uncharted setpiece will make short work of the opponents in front before barreling towards the enabler themselves. Big sweaty teeth-shattering adrenaline mill incarnated as a game. Surprisingly true to its name is the sheer level of difficulty offered here. To place 1st on many of these missions feels deviously tempered by the rubber-banding for it to always come down to the last second. Compliments to the chefs on the ones and twos for some absolutely stellar sound design too.

The PC port is rough; locked to 30, no living online mode, controller support is present but you'll have to navigate the menus with the keyboard, and there is an autosave issue that can corrupt your racing profile. It's also missing one of the DLC tracks, but one of the most popular Steam guides has an easy method to mod it in.
Overall my enjoyment of the game feels a little hamstrung by the slippery controls and low content variety overall. Truly feels blistering with potential, and I hope it gets realised some day by someone willing to take up the mantle.

Reviewed on Oct 14, 2021