Loved this game. I played Yuito's route. The story was engaging the whole way through. Brain Drive is definitely my favourite aspect of the game. Everything, from the activation animation to Yuito's sadistic voice lines, is just so badass. Also, the OST bangs.

My personal favourite game of all time. Is it flawless? No, of course not. But the characters are all so fleshed-out, the lore has a great mix of tragedy and action, and the combat is engaging. It doesn't get repetitive or boring, which I have found to happen in some turn-based strategy games. Verdant Wind is probably the weakest route, but that's just a humble opinion coming from someone who prefers the dark and brooding side of things. There's nothing factually wrong with it. Overall, there's a sense of reality among the game, covering real-world topics such as societal hierarchy, generational trauma, and...finding the will to live? Well, that got relatable fast.

Fun, but not anything mind-blowing. Very simple.