I remember really liking this game back when I was in high school even though I only got half way. I had it on the hardest difficulty and turned off the Vita-Chambers so every big daddy was a puzzle in itself. I had to harvest every little sister just to keep up.

I was finally able to beat the game and I started over from the beginning again this time on PC. I still had it on the hardest difficulty but had the Vita-Chambers ON this time. I think with the Vita-Chambers ON this game is a different experience. The game is very hard but also being able to be revived like nothing happened makes the way you approach the combat very different. There is definitely less meaningful combat this way and I think it kinda ruined the game for me. It's unfortunate but I don't have the same amount of free time as I once did to properly enjoy this game to its fullest.

Overall I'm glad that I came back and finished this one even though I don't think this game has aged as nicely as I would have liked it to.

Reviewed on Mar 10, 2023