This game is very strange. It's one of those games you think you remembering liking but then seeing it in front of you immediately think no this game is whack. It's a top down shooter. It's really hard to aim and walk at the same time and enemies are infinitely respawning. The object of the game is to save all the hostages in the stage before the predator snipes them from afar. Which is hella strange as the predator would never kill a defenseless person. Did they even watch the movie this is based on? The collectible items are drugs and narcotics which is really weird. Yes I know your a cop and it's predator 2 but it still feels weird. I know it's a game but man this cop sure doesn't care how many bodies drop from his guns. There are more criminals in this world than normal people. But you wanna know the most weird thing about this game? It's sound design. The OST doesn't fit this game at all. Look at that title logo and the music that goes with it. This is Predator 2 a hard R monster movie and this is the jingle you choose to display it? The other sample are really bad too but I'd be damn If I could hear them through that loud gun bang every millisecond.

Reviewed on Sep 23, 2021