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Back in the old 64-bit era famous actors were just starting to feature in video games, but many blew it off as child’s play. Bruce Willis is one of the first actors to have a game built with him as the main protagonist that is not based on a movie. The game features a very detailed Bruce for the time with some solid pre-rendered FMVs thrown in the mix as well. The game features a noncoherent story that makes no sense, but when Bruce is involved it’s all about the action right?
The game has an over the top view and you shoot all around you using the face buttons. You can jump, but as the camera goes, jumping can be a bitch and is probably the hardest part of the game. Not being able to move the camera in his environment is very frustrating and almost ruins the game. You can pick up different limited weapons such as homing missiles, plasma gun, electro bolt etc. nothing special. Each level, however, is very well laid out and the enemies have nice designs. The game is hectic, face paced, and pretty immersive.
At the end of every level is a boss fight and these can be easy or hard and they vary throughout the game. A problem I ran into is instead of using the second analog stick using the face buttons makes shooting diagonally hard, which leads me to mention that the difficulty is very unbalanced. Some levels are easy some are hard throughout the game and that’s a bad thing.
Bruce Willis lends his voice and there are maybe 20 or so lines…yeah that’s it. Cliche stuff such as “Ohhh you want some too?!”, “Kill ’em all it’s time to jam!”, and various groans and grunts. In my mind that isn’t using Bruce Willis to his fullest potential. This game could have been cooler and more than just a name tie-in. I also feel a co-op mode would have been good here as well.
All in all, Apocalypse is a fun weekend shooter, but nothing more. Bruce Willis’ talent was wasted, but if you can get over the annoying camera, controls, and lack of an interesting story than Apocalypse is just for you.

Say whatever you want about this game, but i loved every single second i had with it. The soundtrack, the gameplay, the story, THE SOUNDTRACK AGAIN. I loved it all, it doesn´t make any sense, but that´s not the point. Just enjoy the ride.

Anyone that had problems with this game was because they set their mouse DPI wrong. In the settings put it as low as possible. Although your mouse will be very fast in menus it will be acceptable in game.
If you do this, it becomes one of the most satisfying games you will play. Nothing beats beating the shit out of a ship with your huge hammer. I legit had a lot of fun playing this game while it lasted. Give this game a chance you might enjoy it but don't expect much.

Surprised by the low scores.
Hammerfight is janky but ambitious.
It's a 2d airship combat game that relies on heavy swings and momentum. You smash and fling rival airship around with giant hammers swords and guns. Duels are brutal and quick. It's very satisfying once you get the hang of it.
Story is there , and some levels are pretty bullshit but it's fun and there aren't any games like this.

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