Oh... my god. This game, is just amazing. I just love it so much. My favorite character is Mordimort or Popo for sure, this is an underrated gem.

It's nothing really special. It's fun, but the ads are annoying and the battle pass is gross as always. Uninstalled.

Sigh... it was fine. It was a good platformer, but I just want another Littlebigplanet.

Pretty fun! Aged well too in my opinion.

Same as my other review, though the dev added online levels are a sweet edition.

It's basically littlebigplanet 1/2, but past themed. Pretty okay as a knock off.

Really fun game. I love the touchscreen part of it, it was addicting when I used to have a vita.

Pretty fun game! It's of course a mimic of mario kart, but it still has some original elements to it, and the 3D creator is pretty good too!

It's... okay. As a standalone game, it's fine, but compared to the series, it's disappointing. Even with custom servers online play is impossible, not to mention the harassment of loading screens. I hope they make Littlebigplanet 4, but who knows.

It's a cute game, sort of like a watered down version of the first littlebigplanet. It isn't to be taken too seriously as a game, but it's still really good nonetheless. Downloading levels and online play can be finicky, but for the time it's great!

It's an upgrade to an already perfect game. Please play it if you haven't already. There's just so much potential to it, I can't even begin to start.

The best game ever. Please play this game. I have just... too much to say. It's amazing.