I had virtually no interest in cars before playing this, but I wanted something with good graphics for my shiny new PS5 and heard the haptic feedback in this game was incredible. That all ended up being true, but GT7's hardcore (to me) adherence to realistic physics and tuning is primarily responsible for me getting into cars (guess who knows how to change their brake pads and oil now...). It took me about a year of playing a couple races every week or two to "beat" the single player mode. I think treating this very casually was the way to go. Binging it would have been tedious.

That being said, the constant nudging towards spending real money on this game feels terribly out of place. Requiring this game to be always-online in the first place is ridiculous. Too bad modern AAA trends have infected their way into this.

I hear the original score for the older games goes hard. I ended up turning the music off entirely. At least the PS5 has Spotify support.

Reviewed on Mar 30, 2024