flambamamba's Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

Initially I wasn't the biggest on this game. Characters were too similar. With the base roster, you can learn one combo that works with 95% of the cast that does enough damage to carry you a shockingly far way.
With some of season 1 and most of 2, that is different. The characters are much more unique and require at the very least different inputs. Some require different routes all together.
Not only that but block strings just... feel less prevalent? Maybe I'm just more used to them now but I don't feel like I'm waiting hours just blocking. It still is definitely too long but it's either much better than before or I got used to it.
It feels like more characters can ToD now, which is an interesting thing to me. In concept I hate ToDs, however, that's just what kind of game this is. It's a game where you have to do millions of things per second, mess up once and the opponent realizes, you might just lose a whole member of your party.
Learning more of how the combos work in this game is really fun! I encourage at least watching some tutorials on how to extent combos further than the light auto-combo.
Overall the game turned from one of my least favorite fighters of recent time to a really solid 3v3 combo fighter. Doesn't excuse the TERRIBLE online, but IF you can find a good connection it works well enough.
Solid fighting game for sure!

Reviewed on May 22, 2020