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Ungainly and heavy-handed in both its emotional appeals and its narrative construction. Basically impossible to assess or summarise in its soaring highs and disastrous lows. I will say that it's never, ever as good or elegant as Shadowbringers, but then I have to concede that in its floundering it still makes Shadowbringers easier to love in retrospect. But hey, I like a hubristic big swing.
The thing the game is now remains something I like a whole lot less than the thing the game used to be, and I don't think I'll ever completely be able to let go of the sorrow I feel about that having been devoured by the caprices of live-service game development. But at least as a work of game design this is significantly more confidently-expressed and refined than their first stab at simplifying the systems in the last expansion.
Fuck every single thing to do with Zenos though.

tidus laugh is a great scene you all just lack media comprehension