One of these classics I wished I could've played as a teen, but never got the chance to. Well I finally did, and a version with revamped visuals, improved controls and even some added content at that.

The humour and fun that I expected as a child was definitely there and the quirky/original concept was developed as well as I could've hoped.

A varied list of main missions, each more ridiculous than the last, introduce you to a good amount of small sized open worlds packed with side activities and collectibles. These missions are full of character and do a solid job at teaching you the mechanics the game has to offer.

The whole package really is a fun experience, but it is brought down by controls that arent always as responsive as you'd like and some repetitive content. Especially the side content lacks variety and demands for a lots of precise gameplay which it's honestly not setup for.

Atmospheric pixel roguelite game with some great visuals and a soulslike world but with incredibly uneven mechanics and combat.

Genuinely beautiful & enigmatic environments and interesting characters and descriptions gave a strong first impression. Unfortunately the badly communicated controls offer us barely serviceable gameplay... Clunky character navigation and unenjoyable combat hold the game back from creating an addictive gameloop. Which is crucial for a roguelike game, especially if the progression is as dry as it is.

I honestly think there is loads of potential in this title, from the world, to the art and even some of the neat gameplay ideas like introducing some tetris-puzzle platforming into the mix. But I fear there is still some work to be done to the gameplay fundamentals before it'll be able to shine.

Solid but unremarkable...
One of those tightrope games where every hour could be the last I spend with it. But somehow it managed to get me through, it's relatively short lenght, unintimidating atmosphere and beautiful visuals surely helped.

Unfortunately even with competent gameplay, enjoyable environments and some neat ideas (hardening, item familiarity, shells) the whole experience felt kind of meaningless. The world/lore wasn't particularly interesting, gameplay wasn't particularly satisfying ... just a whole lot of eh.

If you're hungry for more third person fantasy souls games, sure go ahead. But personally, I'm not sure that it was worth my time.

Started the game through psnow out of pure curiosity, knowing that the game had quite the reputation. Seemed rough initially but could get some enjoyment out of the wonky exploration, stealth and combat.

Unfortunately the experience quickly becomes extremely repetitive and the unsatisfying mechanics, boring progression and dull environments just made me question why I was even bothering ...