In the gaming era where 3D worlds are still being studied and understood by the top dogs of the industry, people were subject to very inventive and, well, borderline insane game design. Thankfully, Mega Man Legends lands snugly on the inventive side.
This game has this weird tank/platforming control scheme that, in the hands of a new player, would be confusing to pick up. However, once it's understood, mastering the controls makes you feel invincible. It feels good!
This game is surprisingly short, perhaps the pacing has something to do with it. There's (nearly) a full story being told here, but the side content is far and few between, that is, if you can find it. Characters are all lovely in their own way and the cutscenes are entertaining. Perhaps its sequel enhances on everything it did well, and then some. I wouldn't know, I haven't played it yet.

Reviewed on Oct 31, 2023