PS1 Summer #3
I love the small-scale collectathon concept here, and although the movement is tank controls and the game is very easy, its worth a playthrough if you remember this wacky critter from Pizza Tower. In one of the early cutscenes, you can see a picture of (presumably) a dev and his wife flash on the top monitor on one of the news station clips; its always adorable when devs do that.

Reviewed on Jul 05, 2023


9 months ago

I played this game once many many years ago, I am so happy that people are now playing it because of a reference to it in a much better game.

This game is fucking horrendous how did you finish it? You got balls of steel

9 months ago

@HylianBran its only 18 levels in total and you can't die or take damage or fall off the side. I'm sure anybody with enough patience to make Mort's dumbass do a 90 degree turn could probably see the credits

9 months ago

@raccoons4444 no, it's because the game is painful to play. Moving and jumping in this game genuinely hurt my head.