One of the best looking "OK" games I've ever played.

I command the developers for Harold Halibut's unique, claymation-style art design and generally gorgeous visuals. The voice acting is also mostly very good.

But on a gameplay level this is pretty damn dull. Its status as a "walking sim" would be fine were it not for the extreme emphasis on repetitive backtracking and also the game's overegged 8-10 hour length.

There's no real difficulty here beyond trying to remember which room NPCs are staying in when you have to go track them down.

The story has flecks of intrigue but the thematics are very on the nose and straightforward. The characters are an interesting bunch but could use more shading.

Game is also quite buggy - numerous times I tried to skip a single line of dialogue and it just skipped all the dialogue for the scene. Lots of clipping through objects too.

It's an interesting and creative game but I think it should've been about half the length. As it stands I was ready for it to be over long before the end.

Reviewed on Apr 21, 2024