really want to like this more than eo1u but the bosses really fuck me up man. i love the labyrinth again and the story characters are solid and the party dynamic is great and the general game mechanics are still great but nearly every single boss in this game is a godforsaken trial and error disaster that made me dread every new boss fight instead of looking forward to what was to come. trial and error! in a game series where failure is designed to be a punishment! and for most bosses, the amount of trial and error you'd have to suffer through without consulting a guide is completely unforgivable. I used the wiki extensively because there is frankly no way I would have kept my sanity otherwise, and nobody should have to play this game without it. that all said, i still enjoyed the game a lot as a whole because thankfully there aren't that many bosses and many of them are technically optional. fuck ur-child 7.8/10

Reviewed on Dec 24, 2023