on the rare occasion i play a game, i will give my most basic thoughts
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May 12

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the sequel to swapnote, this one is really fun. i like how there are more pens, and you can use more than one color in the same note.
me and my friend used to send notes to each other on here every single day. it was really fun.
my biggest complaint is the dlc. you can't just save an unlimited number of notes. instead, you have to purchase note packs to save more. you also have to buy more pen colors. i understand why, but it's just kind of a slap in the face.

despite the limitations, writing notes on here is surprisingly fun. i completely understand why they removed sending notes over spotpass.
if you have netpass, you can get notes from anyone. it's kinda fun, although occasionally you may get some weird stuff or just spam

a really fun time killer. there is a lot of charm and depth to it. my only problem is that it can get a little overwhelming managing the systems. i also understand that the constant amount of pop-ups are apart of the game, but man can they get overstimulating