Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

released on Nov 08, 2012

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

released on Nov 08, 2012

The charming community-building franchise returns for with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The Nintendo 3DS entry into this popular franchise introduces a number of options new to Animal Crossing, including the ability to become the head of the village and boost its development, a way to install certain items in the village to make its characteristics more personalized for each player, and the ability to view homes of other players who are tagged through StreetPass connections.

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Probably being the best Animal Crossing game in terms of content, this game is my 2nd favorite 3DS game, next to Tomodachi Life. Though I'm still not sure as to whether or not I like New Horizons more, I can say this game is better in terms of content provided, especially at launch. New Leaf is an amazing game, but if you already have New Horizons on Switch I'm not too sure this one is either worth picking up or coming back too, that's just how the Animal Crossing series works.

this is the best life sim i've ever played, and the best animal crossing game in the series. i can confidently say that even after it's been topped in sales by new horizons just because new horizons simply isn't nearly as in-depth or good. like we can all agree on that if you've played both you know what's up regardless of how you feel.

when i played this back in 2014 i sunk hours upon hours every day into building my town into something wonderful. in 2015 my save data accidentally got wiped and my life hasn't been the same since, but then i just made a new town. the experience since then wasn't ever as good as my first time round, but each time it never failed to capture my attention at every moment i was playing.

especially in hindsight, this is one of my favourites of all time just for the amount of time i sunk into it, second only to littlebigplanet which is my favourite of all time anyway. if they literally just ported this game to switch maybe with additional features i would love it way, way more than i ever loved new horizons, and that's a FACT

it's the most complete animal crossing game. just missing the charm of wild world.

it's hard to believe this game is almost a decade old... I love it so much. I'm thinking of emulating it now because I spend much more time on my computer than I do on my DS anymore. FOR THE RECORD... I have purchased this game. Twice, actually. Paid full price both times.

This game is really impressive with all the features it got by the end of it