released on Feb 20, 2024

Balatro is a deck-building roguelite where you must play poker hands and earn chips to defeat enemy blinds. Enhance your deck of playing cards, buy Jokers to modify each hand you play, and discover new and wild synergies to win!

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A conceptually simple card game turned into rogue like format brings this game to pure perfection. The amount of polish Balatro has makes the gameplay feel smooth and satisfying to experience. Balatro is a mighty guilty pleasure and serves as one of those 'just one more round' kind of game, with both the strategy of deck building and the rush of gambling forged into one addictive package.

Joguei Balatro e é extremamente viciante. Zerei com um baralho e vou dar o jogo como concluído, mas sei que estou apenas no começo dessa loucura. A variedade de opções pra montar seu baralho, as habilidades dos Curingas, é impressionante o nível de detalhe, sem falar das artes que são sacanagem de boas!

This game is a phenomenal take on the classic roguelike, with poker mixed in. 10/10

Balatro is way to addictive and probably the best roguelike we have seen in recent years, there is so much to do although trying to beat the more difficult stakes can feel a little RNG and tedious at times.

Probably the best rougelike I've ever played.