Control: The Foundation

Control: The Foundation

released on Mar 26, 2020

Control: The Foundation

released on Mar 26, 2020

An expansion for Control

The Foundation Expansion includes new story content and side missions as well as new weapons and mods inspired by the Oldest House's mysterious origins.

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Hikayede bir şey oluyor ama Sam Lake bile anlayamaz ne olduğunu böyle bir anlatım şekli olmaz. Oynanış yine keyifli de Awe'e göre bu ek paket çok sıkıcı. Oynanır mı açıkçası hiç gerek yok Awe oynayın yeter.

It's alright, nothing amazing but it does tie up certain aspects of the story while adding further ideas here and there. Combat and puzzles are still good as always.

This could've just been a sidequest. It's not bad, but didn't really add anything for me

A expansão superior de Control, e olha que eu sou bitchezinha de Alan Wake

Don’t really have all that much to say about this without just repeating most of what I said in my review of the main game.

It’s more Control, it’s good!

Liked the new powers and thought the level design was pretty good, story doesn’t really make the ending of the original game feel less rushed or abrupt but there’s some interesting enough sequel bait stuff here involving The Board & The Former that I liked. Final boss was fun too