Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

released on Jul 26, 2012

The follow up to Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The main character, Hajime Hinata, a new 'Ultimate' student at Hope's Peak Academy. On their first day, Hajime and all of his classmates are taken on a field trip to the mysterious Jabberwock island by their anthropomorphic rabbit teacher, Usami. Usami explains that on this island the students are to have fun together and become friends to gather Hope Fragments. Usami's field trip does not go as planned when Monokuma appears and begins a new Killing Game. Anyone that wants to leave the island must commit a murder and get away with it. If the murderer is successful, he/she is allowed to leave the island, while everyone else is killed. When a murder occurs, the player investigates. After the investigations, a trial commences to determine who the culprit is.

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Vast improvement on the first, strong selection of characters, with some very strong cases. Unfortunately suffers from two of the cases being horribly written, and having a horrible conclusion. Suffers from being part visual novel, as the writing is not the best in these sections. Worth it just for the good cases though.

Goodbye Despair is weird to me. The gameplay is theoretically better than 1, Hajime is theoretically better than Makoto, and the plot is theoretically more engaging, but I don't really connect with any of it the same way as the first game.

Komaeda is fucking hilarious though.

Ya me empezó a dar mal rollo en el momento que apareció un personaje cuyo chiste es ser pervertido y orgulloso de ello, pero en cuanto vi una escena en que la enfermera se cae y se queda despatarrada exageradamente con un plato de comida tapándole sus partes mandé esto a tomar por culo. No quiero saber más de esta estúpida franquicia.

This gets 1/2 star higher than the original and that's purely because of Gundham Tanaka.

While some things about it were done a bit too much in comparison to the first game, this was still miles better. From the story to the characters, even the cases themselves. And the finale? Just amazing, not perfect, but good enough for me to say its great. If you played the first game and dunno what to think, do yourself a favor and play this as well.

Better than the first but still not perfect