Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

released on Jul 26, 2012

The follow up to Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The main character, Hajime Hinata, a new 'Ultimate' student at Hope's Peak Academy. On their first day, Hajime and all of his classmates are taken on a field trip to the mysterious Jabberwock island by their anthropomorphic rabbit teacher, Usami. Usami explains that on this island the students are to have fun together and become friends to gather Hope Fragments. Usami's field trip does not go as planned when Monokuma appears and begins a new Killing Game. Anyone that wants to leave the island must commit a murder and get away with it. If the murderer is successful, he/she is allowed to leave the island, while everyone else is killed. When a murder occurs, the player investigates. After the investigations, a trial commences to determine who the culprit is.

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Defo has a unique charm, I got invested in the silly ass plot and characters. Only shame is Mikan's arc was pretty weak and the cases are hard to predict because random stuff will just kinda happen. Still fun to watch it unfold however

if aoba from dramatical murder is yaoi jesus then nagito komaeda is the yaoi holy spirit

I’m like Nagito Komaeda except instead of wanting to destroy despair, I want to destroy mid