Fable II 

Oct 21, 2008
Fable II

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Fable II 

Oct 21, 2008

Fable 2 is the second game in the fable series by Lionhead Studios, it is an open world role-playing game. It has a simple story line where the hero needs to save Albion from the evil Lord Lucian by collecting together the other three heroes to defeat him. Interactive cut-scenes are a large part of the game however the main character never speaks and all dialogue is uncontrolled. The game features a large variety of game play and freedom, allowing a player to shape the world around and the characters appearance and moral standing based on decisions throughout the game. The player can also get married both same and opposite sex and bring up children to childhood but no farther, expressions are a lot more interactive with NPC's than before


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It’s a little sad to imagine how good these games could have been with good writing.

Reviewed on Dec 01, 2019