Final Fantasy VI

released on Apr 02, 1994

Final Fantasy VI is the sixth main installment in the Final Fantasy series, developed and published by Square. It was the final title in the series to feature two-dimensional graphics, and the first story that did not revolve around crystals.

The game gives players up to fourteen playable characters, the largest cast in the series, and features the Active Time Battle pseudo-turn based menu command system. A party can consist of up to four characters, though some events require the player to assemble three different parties of up to four and switch between them.

Each character has a unique command ability, such as Terra's Trance, Locke's Steal, Edgar's Tools or Sabin's Blitz, and can also learn Magic spells from earning AP from battles with magicite equipped. Each character's rare Desperation Attack will randomly activate after using the Attack command when at critical health.

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A better version than PC but still poor unfortunately.

While a better version, the PS3 title of this game is still plagued by bloat.

Was really excited to play and was let down. There are just too many party members to care.

Great world, fantastic cast, a lovely sense of melodrama and an ambition that scares me to this day. So much of this game feels like the absolute peak of what you could do with a 16-bit console and has only gotten better as the years have transformed technical context into aesthetic. The Mode 7 world map blew my mind and the opera scene may be one of my favorite things ever. I started replaying it recently and so far it's been incredible.

strongest cast in a FF game and manages to be the best JRPG on a console notorious for having an ensemble of quality choices.