Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

released on Feb 29, 2024

A remake of Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the new story in the Final Fantasy VII remake project, a reimagining of the iconic original game into three standalone titles by its original creators. In this game, players will enjoy various new elements as the story unfolds, culminating in the midpoint from the original Final Fantasy VII.

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- The Zack prologue is an absolutely wild narrative gauntlet to throw down, fracturing the timeline much more than the last game's 'we don't have to be beholden to the original' ending implied.

- That would seem to undercut the drama of the original story beats being re-enacted, but so far (I'm about to get a chocobo) it's managed to continually surprise by accelerating certain elements of the original. Tifa confronts Cloud about their mutually exclusive memories the same night he tells his story, and Cloud goes on a date (with Aerith) in the first town outside Midgar.

- The flashback, and it being used as the game's demo, is very similar to the opening of FFXVI. That game was able to sell a lot of it thanks to Ben Starr's committed performance. I've not been as big a fan of how Cloud and Sephiroth have been directed in these games, as an extension of Advent Children, but hearing Cloud fully losing it with Sephiroth really justifies his aloof deliveries elsewhere.

- The 10:1 scale model of remake:original in both story and geography basically means there's no way they could remake the full original with only one more game to go, so I wonder if there will be more composite storytelling.

- Kalm's Renaissance European design feels like an FFIX remake we'll never get outside of dedicated fan projects.

- Ditto the innkeeper distracting the guards while you climb over and past them, an identical echo of a moment in FFVI.

- Love the context-sensitive overworld music, switching between exploration and battle on the fly.

- This might be the balance in map size that the series, at least in its single-player entries, has struggled with ever since they went more or less fully 3D with representative graphics. Big enough to feel like a world to explore (FFXVI felt like it took place on an island rather than a continent), but not so big that there isn't a ton of empty space and dead time spent traversing it (I bounced off XII twice on PS2 because its huge spaces are only tolerable at 4x speed).

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90% of this game shares similar pros and cons to the first part of the Remake trilogy. The story is extremely dragged out via a much larger map, an entire chapter of filler, and unnecessary changes. For what it's worth though they did make some good changes like making Yuffie and Vincent main story characters instead of optional like they used to be. Unfortunately though Vincent and Cid are both not playable. They really should have been. The dev time was all put into developing unnecessarily long roads, mountains, and caves, along with filler beach scenes, instead of fleshing out the combat with characters that walk by your side and were playable in the original. I still wish they just made a real remake of FF7 with just minor changes at most like the previously mentioned inclusion of Yuffie and Vincent in the main narrative, but instead they decided to shove brand new timeline shenanigans into the plot. The worst part is it's usually just for shock value. Characters dying or not dying often leads to nothing significant in the long run. Why are multiple timelines being included out of nowhere? It genuinely comes off as pure shock value without any substance at times. There are some hype moments to be had via these and I am intrigued by some. Heck I do actually think one character's timeline shenanigans is actually modestly used well (compared to the others at least), but a lot of these additions do nothing for me. At the end of the day though this is still Final Fantasy 7 for the most part. It's filled with moments I love like Barret's backstory, Red XIII's backstory, and more. I loved seeing iconic moments like Sephiroth walking through fire in HD, but I wish they actually kept all the iconic moments instead of replacing them with what can only be described as completely nonsensical narratives. Now we have to wait years to know what any of these scenes even mean.

this may end up being my 2nd 5 star game ever

One of the most heavenly crafted games I’ve ever experienced. The perfect battle system: Final Fantasy VII Remake! It is a hybrid of ATB and action based and offers fans of both systems possibilities based .

FF7R is the perfection of the classic ATB system. It has the most balanced combat system ever; end game utilizes abilities & spells from early on even on hard mode.

I'll die on the hill that FF7R has the best modern FF combat systems by a wide margin and should serve as the basis for future titles.