Final Fantasy

released on Dec 18, 1987

Final Fantasy, also known as FFI in re-releases, is the first role-playing game title in Square's flagship Final Fantasy series. The game puts players in control of four characters known as the Warriors of Light, and begins by asking the player to select the classes and names of each. The Warriors of Light can traverse the maps of dungeons and towns, which are connected by a world map, and will run into random encounters with enemies or fight bosses.

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Sinceramente despues de haber jugado la saga Dragon Quest este FF se queda corto en comparacion, los combates con tantos enemigos son tediosos y aburridos, los bosses extremadamente faciles y aunque la idea de la historia me gusta no queda nada representada en el mundo, es solo un infodumping que bueno te tienes que creer y ya. En comparacion los Dragon Quest de la epoca son mucho mas simples y a lo mejor por ello, mejores.

FF1 NES ver complete
This is a game I started years ago but never got far in
Started again recently and decided to blast through it and holy shit I loved it
While there are a lot of issues with the game I honestly think a lot of it is overshadowed by how gripping it is
The story while simple is striking, the environments and character put into the world is so plain to see
Also no auto target is not as bad as it might seem, although it did make me avoid encounters with more than 5 or 6 enemies
I'd recommend checking out this retrospective since it really gave me a massive appreciation for the game and inspired me to give it another go

it sure is an rpg on the nes. extremely slow combat and progression but the openness to create a custom party is pretty neat, although thats one of the pitfalls you can fall into, potentially fucking yourself over, as you cant change your jobs later.
furthermore the most interesting spells sadly have very specific use-cases which is made worse by a large portion of those ambiguously named spells being inherently bugged, not affecting the enemy, and some even making fights harder for you. the entire spell system practically forced me to use a guide.
at least the plot is surprisingly good, as long as your here to kill chaos.
i'm here to kill chaos.

I really enjoyed it. Definitely a grindy game with a lot of bugs. I appreciate it for the time it was made. The story wasn't that "wow" but decent, no character development though. Must've been a big for it's time. I played this with GoldenOgreGame's YouTube guide. As well as RPGSite.Net's guide for maps.