released on Jan 20, 2021

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released on Jan 20, 2021

Hitman 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy. Become Agent 47, a legendary assassin and use creativity and improvisation to execute the most ingenious and spectacular eliminations, in sprawling sandbox locations all around the globe.

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where hitman 3 stands out most from the other games in the world of assassination trilogy is with its varied approach to level design. hitman 3 isn't afraid to throw twists and curveballs into the hitman formula. this doesn't always result in a well designed level (e.g. the train mission) but it is this approach that has allowed ioi to create some of the best levels in the trilogy, with my favourite being berlin.

another great addition with this third game is the ability to play the levels from the previous two games in the engine of hitman 3. this feels like the way the games were meant to be played, as the confusing and often annoying conspiracy theory narratives just aren't cohesive when contained within their own games, and only really start to feel like an actual driving narrative when played together in order. i won't pretend that the plot is some masterwork of storytelling, but experiencing it in this format makes it a lot more compelling

playing all the levels from the three games back to back on master difficulty was an experience that reminded me why stealth games are fun - because they're not just gameplay power fantasies but informational ones, strategic ones. and this feeling is heightened on master difficulty, as the removal of save scumming forces you to live with poor decisions you might've made, or forces you to desperately contain witnesses after being spotted. it adds actual stakes to the stealth, something that just isn't there when undoing your mistakes is one key away. master difficulty also removes the hints for the mission stories, which can make some of them a little unintuitive to follow, but you feel all the more clever when you follow the clues and work it out for yourself without the help of any kind of explicit tutorial.

however like the other games in the trilogy, the problems are the exact same. for one, there is very little core gameplay variety across the three games (but that doesn't matter so much since the variety is generally defined by the individual levels).

And there is also the nagging issue of the (completely unnecessary) always online requirement. many have rightly pointed out that there is no reason why player progression can't be tied to a local save file, and these people are entirely correct - it's fairly obvious that the online integration with these games is a shareholder's attempt to cash in on the idea of selling gamer's user data. the market for trading in user data is one which has dominated the modern web for quite some time, and it's inclusion in a singleplayer game is not only unnecessary and disrespectful towards player privacy, but harmful to the longevity of the trilogy. at some point, those servers are going to have to shut down, locking the ability to play the levels with any more than 47's basic toolset, and ruining one of the most interesting aspects of hitman, the repetition of replaying levels with more information and improving your skill and knowledge of them every time.

but that time has yet to come, and for now, the experience of playing through these three games - back to back - is an unmissable treat for anyone who considers themselves a fan of stealth games. the three can be picked up on sale for around 44 quid, which - for one of the best stealth video game experiences - isn't a bad deal

Like the first two games but with unfathomably bad level designs and a infuriating ending to a "decent" story at best. The gameplay itself is essentially the same as the first two, so its still fun.

I'm including Hitman 1 and 2 in this as the "World of Assassination" trilogy. It's really awesome to have all the maps under one umbrella, with the minor improvements that have been made in the third installment.

Yes, all three are very similar and work on the same formula. For me, they could keep making these forever and I would not complain. I really love these games. I've spent so much time in each map, some more than others, trying to achieve full mastery. They are true sandbox experiences. I love stealth. I love planning attacks and routes. I also love it when it goes bad and those plans change and improvisation is the key to survival. To me, this is as much a puzzle game as it is a sandbox stealth game. Playing each map for the first time, it's a total mystery. Until it isn't and the map unlocks its mysteries to you and unfolds in your brain, allowing you to become a master assassin. Knowing where things are, knowing every escape route, knowing all the A.I. behaviors of your targets. It's really a wonderful thing.

the modern hitman trilogy astounds me because, from an objective standpoint, this game is broken as HELL. but like... broken in the most perfect way possible???

the ai is often dumb as bricks and has almost non-existent peripheral vision, but it's all by design and makes it all the more fun to get away with the stupidest moves!

barely anyone seems to notice that their black young co-worker is now a middle aged bald white man!

apparently launching someone into the stratosphere and into the ocean with several dozens of propane tanks is not only counted as a "accident" kill, but a kill worthy of silent assassin ?????

and yet. It WORKS. Like this game is in that perfect balance of "buttfuck broken" and "works perfectly" that i think it's even better than if the game worked perfectly well!

this game is broken as fuck. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh my god, that ending was so well done. finishes off the franchise very well. I recommend you play this, only took me a few hours to complete and it was amazing.

Quiza la entrega con los niveles con menos nivel del reboot, pero eso no hace que todo lo que ha caracterizado a las entregas de IO siga aqui, miles de formas de afrontar cada mapa, unos objetivos interesantes y unas misiones a completar que te hacen ver los mismos caminos de formas diferentes.