Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

released on Dec 06, 2017

In an era where machines roam the land and mankind is no longer the dominant species, a young hunter named Aloy embarks on a journey to discover her destiny. Explore a vibrant and lush world inhabited by mysterious mechanized creatures. Embark on a compelling, emotional journey and unravel mysteries of tribal societies, ancient artefacts and enhanced technologies that will determine the fate of this planet and of life itself.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition includes Horizon Zero Dawn and the frozen wilds expansion.

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A few years ago I might have scored this higher but in retrospect it’s more “good” than “great.” Fighting the creature was fun and I loved the NPC designs!

Horizon Zero Dawn is the type of game that you want to keep playing for the story. Even if you get bored by the gameplay, you'll want to uncover more about the world. With a lot of post apocolyptic fiction, the actual cause of the apocolypse isn't that important and it's usually more a way to explore human relationships in a new world which often boils down to everyone killing each other. Although, Zero Dawn has quite a lot of that which is pretty interesting with how the different tribes see themselves and their relations to one another, the actual apocolyptic event and immediate response to it is probably the most interesting one I've experienced in fiction. It very layers it as a mystery that you uncover more and more of as the story goes on. It connects it deeply to the journey of the protagonist, Aloy which does do a decent job in making it feel more personal even if it can skew into a chosen one narrative which aren't always the best. A lot of it is told with audio and text logs which a lot of people are tired of but I was interested enough that I sought them all out.

Horizon is an open world game and it doesn't do anything particular unqiue with the format. You have to climb towers to unveil map icons although those towers are moving machines which doesn't actually add much to a rote mechanic. There's areas to clear out whether they're filled with bandits or murderous machines. There's also hunting spots that offer time trial challenges. Fortunately, the map isn't completely littered with these activities so the repitition you'll feel when going for 100% completion. There's a decent number of side quests in the game. These definitely fall under the post Witcher 3 era of side quests where the writing is attempting to be more engaging than side quests of past but still ultimately being fairly standard. The game has a skill tree which you're just going to get everything by the end of the game and some light upgrading of weapons and gear.

The combat in the game is quite good, at least when dealing with machines. There's a pretty large variety of machines to fight that all have different tactics. You also have a large amount of weapons and it is always worth it to swap them around and use different ones for different situations. Playing the game on ultra hard, it felt very rewarding to figure out how every machine works and the best ways to take them down. The DLC adds some new harder enemies which are almost ridiculous but still fun to fight. As good as fighting machines is, human combat is the exact opposite. It's very boring and unsatisfying. There isn't that much of it in the game, especially compared to machine combat but it drags the game down whenever you have to do it.

It is a decent game but I felt it was mostly the story pulling me through. The DLC adds another area with you doing most of the same stuff from the main game with its own self contained and good story.

Some of the best world building and action/adventure combat gaming has to offer. The feeling of discovery as you uncover more and more about the past is something that some games can only dream to achieve. Although the game has a weak final boss, rough facial animation, and lacks meaningful sidequests, it still is a great experience that is worth all of the praise it has gotten.

What I did like:

- The story is good. It's a fairly fresh take and the world design is beautiful and interesting.
- Hitting the weak parts of machines with your arrows is SO satisfying.

What I didn't like:
- The characters. The story is good on a narrative level but I invested in and cared for absolutely nobody. The dialogue is horrific and the speech options don't have any effect on the story. Characters appear and then disappear and you not one character is particularly likeable, including the protagonist.
- Being able to mount 3 or 4 machines. Don't you dare sit here and tell me that riding a stalker or stormbird wouldn't be fire. I've even heard they kept this for Forbidden West DESPITE acknowledging fans crying out for this! What's the point in having taming giant animal mechs if you can't ride them?!
- The combat. I know I said hitting the weak points is satisfying, but that's about it. Stealth doesn't work whatsoever, certain mechs can kill you in one hit by jumping halfway across the map despite you dodging (I'm looking at you thunderjaw and rockwrecker). The other weapons don't do much to enhance the gameplay, even the ones obtained from Frozen Wilds.
- The map, despite being massive, is actually quite empty and vapid. The side quests are fairly scant but either way, most of the quests are boring. You don't invest in any characters you meet on them, as they only exist to serve the side mission's purpose and nothing else.

I reached level 52 and finished Frozen Wilds so I didn't completely throw my toys out the pram, but maybe it was my mistake playing this game straight after God of War.

juro que tentei mas cara que jogo chato um dos maiores soníferos que eu ja vi , parece ser um bom jogo mas n é pra min.

One of my favorite open world games ever. The gameplay is incredibly fun through the entire runtime, the quests are good, the main story is surprisingly hard hitting, and the entire concept and world are just incredible.