Idol Hakkenden

released on Sep 14, 1989

Idol Hakkenden is a Japan-exclusive text adventure video game developed by Natsume and published by Towa Chiki in 1989 for the Family Computer.

Erika, an aspiring musician and pop idol, must foil a plot that could ruin her music career. As a Japanese adventure game, players must select through menus of dialogue in order to determine her future. Friends (and sometimes rivals) of Erika give her advice on what to do next.

There are six songs in the game; all of them belonging to the J-pop genre. Erika must master them all in order to become the greatest idol in all of Japan. Lyrics are not sung by a voice actor; they are shown on the bottom of the screen instead.

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Saionji Erika ran so the Idolmaster girlies could crawl in her wake.

all videogames should strive to be this good, lesser though they are

holy fucking shit. this is the greatest video game ever made. im stunned speechless.

damn she really was a derpy girl