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You know I honestly forgot why I even played Ys III again but this time on the PC Engine CD. I have no segway for this. Honestly there isn’t much to add to this review that wasn’t said when I reviewed the PC-88 version via the Eggconsole release. I’m kind of surprised just how similar the two are.

The game does have a few cinematics that are new, I even like how it tries to connect with Ys II. I am surprised they kept the intro cutscene where Adol walks in an endless room that looks like one of the last rooms in the game. This version is also based off the PC-88 version meaning it’s not too challenging and the final boss is still shockingly easy. The music was given CD quality and it sounds amazing, this is hands down the version you should play if you want the best soundtrack. The background scrolling is kind of bad in this version due to system limitations. There’s also voice acting and while it’s fine, I think it ends up dragging the game’s pace and it can’t even be skipped. Adol also doesn’t have voiced lines for some reason despite still having his controversial dialogue. I’d also recommend playing the Japanese version as the dub for this game is horrible, I don’t know why it’s so much worse than Book I & II but it just is.

In the end it’s just Ys III, if you liked it before then you’ll like it here but if you didn’t well this isn’t going to change your mind. I’d argue this could be the best version I’ve played just because of that music and plus if you’re using an emulator, you could just speed up the slow paced dialogue. There doesn’t seem to be difficulty options like the PC-88 version so I’m sorry for you hard mode lovers out there. The game ends on a to be continued screen which makes me question if Ys IV will even connect to this game. Well that’s all I have to say, see you in a month or two when I play Ys III for a fourth time…maybe.

A couple of years ago I played Zero Wing and did not like it at all. I especially got frustrated near the end of the game and left it at that. My power was out today so I decided to just try out the PC Engine CD version of the game. Now I don’t know if they made the game easier but I found myself enjoying it this time and even finding use out of the mechanic for grabbing enemies. I liked using them as shields and also trying to keep the bomb for bosses.

The port itself seems to be relatively faithful but I’m no Zero Wing expert so I can’t 100% say. There are cutscenes and I honestly don’t even know what’s going on. I don’t even see the bad guy that you see from the infamous cutscene on the MD. The music is also sadly a downgrade from the MD version but it’s not bad. Wish it was as good as Hellfire S though. The game also has a new stage and a new final boss that’s treated as a final stage for some reason. IDK if a game that already had 8 stages needed more but it’s still a neat incentive for any Zero Wing fans. I don’t love this game now or anything but I’m glad I’ve moved on to appreciating it a bit more now. Maybe give this version a try if you’re curious.

Another week, another Eggconsole game. This one is quite interesting because I had plans to play the MSX version around the time I finished and reviewed Pokemon Yellow but ended up being busy and also just lacking motivation. So, my eyes widen when I see D4 update the Eggconsole page to see Tritorn right there, the game I was going to play and review. Well, guess it’s time to talk about it then. I’d be surprised if anyone reading this has even heard of this game so surely you’re curious right? Before we start I should point out this is the first game we’ve seen by Sein-Soft who don’t make too much so we probably won’t see them much if at all in the future.

Tritorn is a sidescrolling action RPG where you must find items in a small world crawling with different types of enemies. Tritorn himself can attack with either his sword or with magic balls. The sword has short range but has huge power if you attack in the air. You won’t get far in the game if you don’t learn jump attacks as the hitbox is finicky. Tritorn jumps by pressing up on the d-pad and will even jump automatically when above enemies. The jump is one of the worst parts of Tritorn as it’s really annoying to get it going in the direction you want it going. You will probably fail many times just from this awful jump alone. Once your strength is 1,000, you can use magic by pressing Y and then L for magic that freezes enemies or R for magic that defeats every enemy on screen. Be warned it uses magic balls which are a limited use projectile used to help with enemies.

The game itself is pretty simple, in fact it reminds me a lot of Hydlide in some ways. Stuff like the items at the bottom of the UI, the simple small world, the simplistic music that plays for almost the entire game, standing still to heal, some weird cryptic ways to progress and even both being early takes on the Action RPG. While Hydlide is a flawed but fun early take on an Action RPG, I honestly only find Tritorn to be just okay. That jump is one thing but the amount of dull grinding makes the adventure feel a bit uninteresting. It also feels way too easy to die in this one and your sword range doesn’t help. You can get up to 1,400 health but it feels like you still could easily get a game over. The game also sometimes tells you what items do but most of the time doesn’t. It’s weird also how the how to play section for this application doesn’t supply every item description, while it would spoil how to get every item, I’m a little disappointed there’s not a section just to tell you what everything even does. There’s also no scene select so don’t expect to use it to skip stuff if you intended to do so.

There is also one huge flaw that hurts the game so badly. The noise your sword makes is so ear piercingly bad. Now, IDK how accurate PC-88 emulation is so if you somehow have played this on real hardware, then you can correct me. The noise just hurts my ears and it makes the experience worse like I wish I could describe to you how bad it sounds. I thought at first maybe it was just my TV or Switch dying but I played another game for a minute after I finished the game and it sounded fine. Even the trailer for this game has that awful sound. You can’t even mute the music to help as it doesn’t also mute the sound effects and even then the mute sucks anyway because it gets stuck on the last note when turned off!

This game is just a hard sell. The game isn’t bad but I don’t know how much a person nowadays especially in the West would enjoy a game like this. I hate to say it but so far, this is one of the weakest games to play on the Eggconsole service. It’s a shame it turned out that way but sometimes it’s just not gonna be a game I enjoy. You might like it and hey that’s cool and all! I still one day want to try the rest of the series out, maybe they’ll show up on Eggconsole? Though the last one can’t be on here because that’s a SharpX68000 game. Only buy this if it looks enjoyable enough. There is a walkthrough of the MSX version but be aware the final part of the game was changed. My tip for you is, leave the final area and there will be a chest in the previous area which lets you kill Pay-Valusa. Get one good jump strike on him and get your ending which is hard to read. I’ll now see you next week for the next Eggconsole game.