Mass Effect 2

released on Jan 26, 2010

Are you prepared to lose everything to save the galaxy? You'll need to be, Commander Shephard. It's time to bring together your greatest allies and recruit the galaxy's fighting elite to continue the resistance against the invading Reapers. So steel yourself, because this is an astronomical mission where sacrifices must be made. You'll face tougher choices and new, deadlier enemies. Arm yourself and prepare for an unforgettable intergalactic adventure.

Game Features:

Shift the fight in your favour. Equip yourself with powerful new weapons almost instantly thanks to a new inventory system. Plus, an improved health regeneration system means you'll spend less time hunting for restorative items.

Make every decision matter. Divisive crew members are just the tip of the iceberg, Commander, because you'll also be tasked with issues of intergalactic diplomacy. And time's a wastin' so don't be afraid to use new prompt-based actions that let you interrupt conversations, even if they could alter the fate of your crew...and the galaxy.

Forge new alliances, carefully. You'll fight alongside some of your most trustworthy crew members, but you'll also get the opportunity to recruit new talent. Just choose your new partners with care because the fate of the galaxy rests on your shoulders, Commander.

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I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite game on the Citadel.

I love that the plot is getting all your cool alien friends together. I want a new mass effect that has no suicide mission at the end where you get to hang out with your cool alien friends

Love this game for allowing me to change my stupid character from 1 to look better. It's excellent. This game taught me how to graft.

(Played before 2023)
As someone who doesn't really enjoy sci-fi settings or RPGs, this is one of my favorite games of all time. Everything good about the first game is still there, the combat has been streamlined and improved, and you have SO many companions with their own unique aspects and quests. This game's companion system is absolutely top-tier with emotional stories, loyalty, and consequences for your choices that I haven't seen in any other game. I can't talk much more about this without spoiling it but god DAMN, it is good. I am shocked at how much I enjoyed this game, as I only played it because I wanted to speedrun it. I did not expect to enjoy it so much casually.

There's a lot of third-person shooter gameplay in this role-playing game. Very strange.