Mass Effect 

Nov 20, 2007
Mass Effect

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Mass Effect 

Nov 20, 2007

What starts as a routine mission to an agrarian outpost quickly becomes the opening salvo in an epic war. As the newly appointed Executive Officer of the SSV Normandy, you'll assemble and lead an elite squad of heroes into battle after heart-pounding battle. Each decision you make will impact not only your fate, but the destiny of the entire galaxy in the Mass Effect trilogy. Key Features: Incredible, interactive storytelling. Create and customize your own character, from Commander Shepard's appearance and skills to a personalized arsenal. Unleash devastating abilities as you command and train. Your decisions will control the outcome of each mission, your relationships with your crew and ultimately the entire war. An amazing universe to explore. From the massive Citadel to the harsh, radioactive landscape of the Krogan home world – the incredible breadth of the Mass Effect universe will blow you away. Travel to the farthest outposts aboard the SSV Normandy, the most technologically advanced ship in the galaxy. You'll follow the clues left by ancient civilizations, discover hidden bases with fantastic new tech and lead your hand-picked crew into explosive alien battles. Edge-of-your-seat excitement meets strategic combat. Find the perfect combination of squad-mates and weapons for each battle if you want to lead them to victory. Sun-Tzu's advice remains as pertinent in 2183 as it is today – know your enemy. You'll need different tactics for a squad of enemies with devastating biotic attacks than a heavily armored Geth Colossus so choose your teams wisely.


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BioWare used to be amazing. Like, everything they touched was freaking fantastic. This game, to me, is the pinnacle of what they were capable at their peak. When it was announced that the franchise would call back on choices from your save files I proceeded to put over 200 hours on this game creating a full paragon, full renegade, and full neutral run with the choices I thought would make for the best story moving forward. Fondest memory has to be creating a handgun specialist that could rapid fire thresher maw's to death or constantly saying, "they see me rollin', in my Mako..." to the tune of Ridin' Dirty (don't judge, it was different times back then).

Reviewed on Mar 06, 2020


A really engaging, plot-driven RPG that's let down by a lack of quality. I got numerous lockups and character glitches, plus the game was stuttering and chugging all the way through. Combat was also very janky at times, and you're so limited in controlling your squad's movement. Menu interface was also god-awful. Besides all that, very strong world-building and a solid plot makes ME1 worthwhile to me. Hopefully there's more side-character interaction, other than just with Shepard, in ME2.

Reviewed on Sep 06, 2019