Metroid Prime Remastered

released on Feb 08, 2023

A remaster of Metroid Prime

Get behind the visor of intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran in her critically-acclaimed first-person adventure. Step into the boots of Samus Aran as you navigate the winding paths and interconnected environments of an alluring-yet-dangerous alien planet. Use powers like the iconic Morph Ball and Grapple Beam to revisit hard-to-reach areas and find a path forward. With revamped graphics, sound, unlockable art, and updated control schemes, Samus’ 3D platforming debut has reached greater heights. Calm and capable, Samus takes on this solo mission...but she is far from alone.

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I'm shelving Metroid Prime Remastered for the time being, but I was very close to abandoning the game altogether...

Rating this game is hard, there are times where I felt like it was ever so close to a masterpiece - most of my time in the Phendrana Drifts, but especially getting the thermal visor at the bottom of the Research Core or the whole Sunken Frigate, those were wholly atmospheric moments that had me in awe throughout - however it has frustating moments and lows that make me want to drop the game and barely rate it as passable - Magmoor Caverns are not great and Phazon Mines are even worse imo.
Platforming is mostly a miss throughout, especially when it is integral to fights. My biggest gripe though would be backtracking - I've only ever played and finished Fusion before this one, but it didn't feel nearly as necessary to always go back and forth between sections, like it does in Prime - it is such a waste of time imo and I wish they would have added some QoL features related to this.

On the positive side, the OST is stellar, as is the overall atmosphere, you really feel like you're alone on an unforgiving planet.

We'll see if I come back to this one with a new perspective a few months down the line.

Fantastic remake of a classic from my childhood. I remember not getting far in the game when it first came out. I went back to it and made it a little further but was never fully invested. When this was announced, it got added to my backlog, but I am so happy I came back to it and finished it. I spent so much time in it and got my 100%!

It started when I was 5 and had seen Samus's reflection through her visor in Magmoor Caverns

If there were select games that I felt was necessary to playthrough to be my friend, this is definitely high up there.

This game is fun, pure and simple. I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that this game was one of the GameCube's best and is now better than ever on Switch. I still prefer Prime 2 over this game and hope to god it gets a Remaster as well, but this game does everything right. From music, to locales, to a very satisfying progression system.

It's not even that hard either! And if you know how to use the Rapid Missile exploit, it gets even easier! AAAA SAMUS ARAN IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!! IT"S 5 STARS FOR A REASON!!!!!!

I first gave the original Gamecube release a go but ended up completing this on Switch. I first blamed controls but in the end it was because I didn't realize how the boss works, so might give it another go sometime. However, the remaster is a perfectly good way to play this game.

The atmosphere is probably the best thing about this game and I really liked exploring the planet and it's varied locations. All the backdrops and surroundings are designed to look just as interesting as the previous 2D-entries, maybe even a bit more interesting with the third dimension added. The normal metroidvania-formula also works well and searching for new upgrades felt rewarding and satisfying.

Where it falls a little is how slow everything feels. Compared to the 2D-games, movement feels sluggish and crossing maps to backtrack feels way too much of a chore. The saving grace here is that the endgame upgrades are designed to make movement and backtracking faster, but it still feels way too slow compared to a 2D metroid game. I also feel like this would've done better as 3rd person shooter rather than 1st person, but at least the hud was more than immersive.

The combat also is done well, although switching between different beams for different enemies is little bit too complicated with the twin stick controller scheme. Some of the harder bosses are really iconic and memorable, in both good and bad, and there wasn't a single boss I would call outright horrendous or unfair. The game offers a great adventure and now having played this, I can see why the original is so liked.

I may finish it but I'm a bit burned out... my qualm isn't the controls really, but that none of it felt very fun. it was mostly "oh now I have to do this ..." I did like the space pirates blackout scene a lot

the visuals and music are wonderful.

This game reminds me of batman arkham asylum because she gets new items and that opens up old areas that were locked off. It's a really cool game with awesome atmosphere and an interesting story despite the fact no one says a word. The puzzles were fun, the zones were cool, the music was really great and the progression was easy as pie. There are so many items and upgrades but it always feels intuitive, every new thing is an extension of the old thing. You're never blindsided, nothing feels tacked on, and you never forget about any of your tools. HOWEVER. The combat and first person platforming were two weak points. They're both serviceable, even fun, but later in the game when the enemies come at you in sevens and they're all bullet spongey it can be tough. Especially since theres a lot of knockback and, also, later in the game, platforming sections can go vertically for hundreds of thousands of centimeters. "Hey elk you have some problems with later in the game don't you?" well Reader (heh, can I call you reader?) you'd be right. Metroid prime has a bad endgame. Like an atrocity on par with xen. But Xen is just a bad part that you instantly go into, metroid's slow descent is like a pot of boiling water and you're the frog. Colour coded rock paper scissors enemies that are immune to your other bullets that come in pairs of 5 and can replicate at will, so theres 3 or 4 of them and each can only be damaged by one of your blaster types and changing your blaster type you gotta hold x and then hit the d-pad and then try to lock on but the lock on is finnicky especially near a grappling point because that will take priority. Another victim of being a videogame on controller. Another case of console exclusive game being worse due to the fact that it's stuck on and had to have been designed around four buttons and two sticks. Imagine if u could change ur blasters with 1-2-3-4 and aim with a mouse? bro. Even if u could aim freely, there's easy bosses with 2 or 3 moves where you just wait for their weak state so you can do damage, but hold on though. I don't care about the last hour or three. CUS this game is really cool and good. So i'll give it a 4.5

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