Octopath Traveler

released on Jul 13, 2018

A role-playing game from the Bravely Default team is being developed exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. They have brought a new world to life through a mix of CG, pixel art, and "HD-2D" visuals.

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This game had a ton of charm. The music and atmosphere were great but the narratives weren't the best.

Good visuals and neat battle system. But the uninteresting stories and the grind in the middle wasn't too fun. It does get better near the end of everyone's routes. Some optional stuff was tiring as well, but it was optional thankfully.

I fuckin love this game, as long as you ignore the grinding between chapter 1 and 2 for each character its so good. Great ost, great graphics, great sound design, great story. This game changed me as a person and then the sequel game out and I was like... woah...

L'ennesima prova che Square è una maestra nei giochi di ruolo a turni e che dovrebbe un po' fare attenzione coi suoi action. Detto questo il combat system e boss design del titolo sono preziosi. Premiano di gran lunga metodo ed esplorazione pittosto che il grind senz'anima per aumentare di livello. Il boss segreto ne è la prova vivente. Peccato per la maggior parte delle trame poco interessanti e connesse molto lievemente con un'interazioni tra i membri del gruppo davvero minima. Le OST sono spettacolari a sto giro però. Square coi turni non delude a quanto pare.

I do feel a little bad about this. When I decided I Like RPGs Now the other month I dove into this one with the mindset that I'm going to see the story through and not give up when it gets tricky, and here I am doing that.
The battles are fun, or at least they were 30 hours ago. I kind of dread them now but that's probably me getting impatient with the game. The BP and weakness system create good strategies without getting overwhelming. Thing is, I ended up building a party that relies heavily on multi-target elemental attacks to whittle down the enemy defense, and I just ran into a boss whose ability is disabling those specifically.
Not a huge deal, all I have to do is change my party and grind the weaker guys up while figuring out a new angle of attack. Except... in 40+ hours, this game has not managed to make me care about any of these characters. The story is bad. No, worse: the stories are bad. All 8 of them, equally insipid.
I could do the grinding, or I could stop playing.
Oh well. I was only playing this because I heard such good things about the sequel. I established my baseline. Mission accomplished, moving on.