Paquerette Down the Bunburrows

released on Aug 02, 2023

Pâquerette Down the Bunburrows is a pathfinding-based bunny-catching puzzle game. The bunnies flee when Pâquerette gets too close: they dash through tunnels carefully avoiding dead ends. Will you let the lil buns outsmart you? Each level is carefully crafted to teach you new, surprising and tricky ways of catching bunnies~

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Frustrating. Not fun. Bunny movement is unintuitive. Cringy dialogue. Bland visuals. Boring music. Quit halfway through the second world.

Tough and sometimes unfair, but so unique and creative I give the few quibbles I have with the difficulty curve a pass. Absolutely worth playing for any puzzle game fan.

This first official release from Bunstack makes a big statement using a deceptively small package! What starts as a cute little sokoban puzzler about catching bunnies quickly unravels into a surreal, labyrinthian delve into the bizarre lore of the bunburrows in this excellent retro-style brain teaser.
You play as the charming Pâquerette, a rabbit enthusiast accompanied by her aloof friend Ophéline, who wants to catch rabbits! Thus you dive into the burrows and start cornering the buns. Each rabbit follows a simple set of logic when running from you, trying to move in the priority order of away > left > right. From this simple principle the puzzles can be logically deduced, albeit compounded by the tricky level design, winding tunnels the buns can use as shortcuts, and special tools that add a variety of new factors to play with.
The puzzles themselves are very well designed with a steady incline of difficulty that keeps things fresh in every burrow. While I won't spoil anything specific you can rest assured that there is at least 5x more content than at first appears, revealing itself only once you begin experimenting and gradually uncover the secrets of both bun interactions and their burrow. While some secrets may not intuitive, experimentation and perseverance will usually help you find your way (and of course the bustlingly friendly discord group are happy to hint).
This gives the game surprise after surprise after surprise as you naturally begin to realise how x mechanic could have been used earlier, and thus a whole new line of thinking unravels. The inventiveness on display here with secrets within secrets is a genuine treat and serves as a textbook example of what well executed knowledge gates can add to a play experience.
All this presented in beautiful Commodore-style blocky graphics and a top tier chip tune soundtrack by Herbie Puppy. If you enjoy puzzlers this one is well worth picking up, and if all that didn't convince you the low price definitely will!

Porco Dio
Gli darei pure di più ma ci sono un paio di cose di cui ancora non penso di aver capito perfettamente il funzionamento. Colpa mia probabilmente ma mi è parso di notare delle strane contraddizioni che hanno reso certi risultati quasi casuali - ancora non riesco a capire se ci sono alcune eccezioni per i movimenti dei conigli e quand'è che questi possono girarsi di culo anziché prendere direttamente la strada alla loro sinistra. A un certo punto poi, in diversi livelli a metà gioco in particolare, davvero non ci ho capito assolutamente più un cazzo e ho dovuto usare una guida