PaRappa the Rapper 2

released on Aug 30, 2001


See if you have enough rhythm to keep the beat with everyone's favorite rappin' puppy. Parappa the Rapper returns with all new levels and songs to keep your head bobbin' & PlayStation 2 bumpin'.

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Unironically pretty great, I was pretty surprised by how quickly things go completely off the rails but it was so much fun to watch everything unfold so rapidly in such an absurd way. The soundtrack here is so charming and there’s clearly a lot of genuine effort placed into this area of the game, the gameplay itself is seemingly super simple but the freestyle mechanics are pretty unique and give the game a really interesting twist. Super short but a great concentrated shot of fun with near unmatched personality and energy

Loved the songs and gameplay. wish there were more ;-;

Its weird to think that the premise of parappa the rapper 2 isn't really "coherent"? Instead of having a story about never giving up and having motivation on your acts.. its now about a noodle invasion? Gameplay-wise, its a MASSIVE step up against the first game. Rhythm games aren't as they used to be anymore

It's a short game that I think everyone could find enjoyment out of, even if they think the original game is "outdated". Every button you press gets stamped on the slider, so the game makes sure every mistake you make is your fault. And you know it. Oh yeah, and obligatory noodles reference. noodles.

The best music game of all time. No one can deny Parappa's charm, and this one does everything right, I love every little detail of this game. The music is so good and catchy, and the story and callbacks to the previous games are great. Every aspect of Parappa 2 is so much fun, I'm sad this was the last entry. Just remember to not win yourself a lifetime supply of noodles guys.