Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

released on Sep 15, 2005

An expanded game of Gyakuten Saiban

Meet Phoenix Wright, the rookie defense lawyer new to the scene with the wildest cross-examination skills in town! Take on five intriguing cases to reveal dramatic, stunning, and even comical court proceedings. Use both the touch screen to investigate the crime scenes, question witnesses and present shocking evidence. “Objection!”...It’s outrageous fun! You won’t be able to put down this laugh-out-loud, riveting adventure!

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A solid point and click adventure game that later installments greatly improved upon, mechanically, visually, and structurally. It is just not as fun to play, for this reason.
However, the soundtrack is top notch from start to finish, and the characters first featured in this game that show up in later ones are generally at their most competent. In later games (and case 5, which was not part of this game originally), certain characters are reduced to jokes or pure unfunny stupidity, so it's always nice to see someone like the judge actually be an imposing figure for a little while.

A pretty slow start but a really fun visual novel overall. The DLC chapter 5 really brings it up otherwise it might be pretty underwhelming with just ending at chapter 4. Maya is the best character

Here I am, I'm about to talk about this small game about lawyers. Well not the full game, just one single case that little did I know would influence my future career.
Shortly after Phoenix proves Edgeworth innocent in court and Maya leaves for her home village, we see our favorite ace attorney clientless and caseless. Turns out he hasn't been taking any cases despite getting numerous offers. That is until a brown haired highschooler comes knocking on his door and begs him to take a murder case. Phoenix eventually decides to take the case because the girl reminds him of Maya.
The girl's name was Ema Skye by the way, and Phoenix's client is her sister, Lana Skye (who just so happens to be the chief prosecutor). Not sure why I started this review like I was gonna recap everything that happens in this case BUT now I can talk about how this dumb ass game inspired me to go into forensics.
I absolutely love Ema, her passion for forensics, her funny little quips, and of course the dumb little minigames she makes you do. The fingerprinting minigame, and testing every little area for luminol reactions had me hooked. Of course this barely scratched the surface of forensic science but it still caused that spark of interest within me. And this was just around the time where school was asking me what classes and future career path I wanted to take so I decided to really get into chemistry to pursue forensics.
I probably would've gone into the medical or engineering fields if I didn't play this game, would I have been better off financially if I didn't? Yes, would I be happy? No. It's really interesting how this silly game about lawyers being bad at their job has inspired people to pursue career paths they wouldn't otherwise. I know people who got into law just because of this game, and for me it got me into criminal investigations. The amount of people I've gotten to bond with because of this series and the amazing people and teachers I've met because of the classes this game encouraged me to take is insane. I don't really know where I'll be in 10 years, whether or not I'll still be talking to the same online friends, whether or not I'll still be hanging out with the same in person friends, but I do know that I'll always be able to come back to this series and be able to go back to a much simpler and happier time in my life.

quick name which sprite you are im angel starr whipping her bangs
(minus half a star for that way too overly specific blue badger puzzle. i got so tilted)