Potato Flowers in Full Bloom

released on Mar 10, 2022

A Japanese indie game being designed as a modern take on the Dungeon RPG genre. It has character creation with a selection for race and class, leveling up provides ability points for further customization. The game uses a party of 3 characters. The dungeon crawling uses grid-based movement and a first-person perspective for exploration but switches to third-person for interactions with NPCs, points of interest or combat encounters. Enemies are visible and don't appear to roam in the current gameplay. Encounters also doesn't appear to add extra enemies when combat begins. Combat is turn-based and characters have a stamina meter, it can get dangerous if not managed as even blocking requires a set amount. The enemy's actions are indicated above them to help the player decide on their actions each turn.

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I greatly enjoyed this game. I was instantly taken in by its delightful art style, and was pleased to find out that it plays superbly well as well. What I like about it is that the game doesn't force you to rigidly adhere to a "correct" party line up, and lets you experiment and go whichever team you please.

It's a more forgiving DRPG experience than what I'm used to, and frankly I love that.

For a dungeon crawler, it's very comfortable. There's no gameover or penalty for losing battles. Shortcuts are frequent, you're not able to grind out an overpowered party (though how you play can easily make most of it a breeze), and there's a simple enjoyment from exploring to fill out the maps and item logs.

Finished in a bit over 10 hours. Party of Warrior, Wizard, Sorcerer. The lack of punishment meant I didn't care about healing (you also heal up anyway after combat). Had fun with a tank and two somewhat glassy cannons.