Raiden V: Director's Cut

released on Oct 05, 2017

An expanded game of Raiden V

Arcade hit Raiden first left its mark on the shooting genre 25 years ago. The easy to learn, hard to master series comes to the PC in its most modern and advanced form yet! Join the war for Earth's future-where the tide of battle holds constant surprises.

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shmup bom demais
justo, divertido pra cacete, com uma trilha sonora incrível
os tiros são legais e bem criativos também, as fases são muito bacanas, algumas com uns bullet hell absurdo
Não liguei pra história, praticamente mutei os personagens falando e até o momento só fiz um final mas recomendo bastante

I bounced off this hard as fuck when I first grabbed it, but giving it some extra time has been pretty rewarding. The weapons are unique and fun, especially when the genre usually provides "do you want a 90 degree arc or just all forward?", but once the novelty wears off on a massive pink snaking lock on laser, you end up just going for 90 degree arc and an all forward laser.
Weird that they've got people constantly mumbling story stuff in your ear, don't need that. Patterns can be a bit samey at points, but the difficulty ramp up is nice. Solid, but wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it unless you're just trying to hoover up bullet hells like I seem to be.

This game is the Dariusburst of Raiden. A good enough shooter on its own, but a terrible Raiden game.