Rance 01: Quest for Hikari

released on Sep 27, 2013

A remake of Rance: Hikari Quest

This game is a remake of the 1989 classic, the first Rance game ever made 25 years ago. The gameplay system, graphics and everything else was revamped (on a much larger scale than they were for Rance 02) and will be a product by itself rather than being a part of a compilation such as Alice's Cottage.

Just like the original though, the game heavily features classic ADV-like interaction with the environment and characters (look, touch, etc.) and 8-10 hours in length.

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Great for those who plan on going through the rest of the series or have already played some of the later games, doesn't really stand out on its own though. The music, art, and character designs are all fantastic. The gameplay is fine and serves its purpose of bridging together the set pieces but is not terribly interesting.

Review así sin pensarlo mucho, muy rapidita, suelto lo que se me venga por la cabeza y palante. Buen Rance. Es muy cómico, dj c++ solo produce fuego en sus canciones, buenos efectos de sonido, el sistema de exploración de dungeons es super original y divertido al igual que el sistema de combate. Diseños muy atractivos visualmente. Esta chulo el sistema de ciclo dia/noche. Me gusta mucho que sea sandboxy y puedas avanzar las storylines de los personajes en el orden que quieras. Eso es hasta que te das cuenta de que hay muchas restricciones de si haces x antes de y ya no puedes hacer y, que aunque muchas veces tiene sentido narrativo, no por ello deja de ser un coñazo perder contenido, por lo que al final recurres a una guía para no perderte nada, que rompe un poco la gracia de que sea un juego kinda sandboxy.
En conclusión, un buen juego de Rance silly aventura que de vez en cuando echo de menos cuando juego a entregas "posteriores" meses después de haberlo completado.

Gameplay was fun and loved getting introduced to the cast

Menad best girl!
Rance 01 is an alright game, the gameplay is quite tedious and grindy which I didn't enjoy but I have to say that Alicesoft knocked it out of the park with the character writing.
Though even then, it's still not enough to save the game from just being mediocre.

I didn't like it at first, but from the moment Miki appears in the story and onwards, I liked the game. Rance is very charismatic and that's the biggest point of the game for me, the rest of the game really doesn't have much to offer.
For me what best sums up what this Rance is about, is Yulan's third H-Scene, when she is raped by Jean and her group. When the scene takes place, it has a more melancholy music and even Rance is pissed off at what's going on. Of course it's because he's messing with his girl and not necessarily because what was going on was shit.
Overall, I like this scene because it shows the difference in perspective when we see Rance doing the act and when we see an actual rape taking place. I mean normally when it's Rance, at least in this game, he always has an excuse or justification for doing what he does. Whether as a punishment for the girl, or because she simply bet/promised that they would have sex with him, but in general there is a whole "comic" content behind all that, while this is something that is not present in the 3rd H-scene of the Yulan, and therefore there is an uncomfortable atmosphere there.
Upon noticing this, I realized how Rance's H scenes really didn't bother me at all, some have lines and occur in such absurd ways that it's comical. I think that if the game doesn't manage to be the least bit comical for whoever is reading it, I think they should stop immediately, because... Apart from the protagonist being a dick in the ass, the biggest son of a bitch and a charismatic guy as fuck, this game really has NOTHING more to offer. The story is extremely weak, and doesn't offer you anything other than the adventure to reach the end of the story, that is, you have to have fun on the journey and have interactions with the characters for the game to be worth something. If you haven't had fun with Rance's adventures on the course, this game sucks.
That said, a part of this journey was tedious for me, as I said at the beginning, only after a point I managed to have fun with what I was doing and playing in a relaxed way I could enjoy it. But the lack of merit in the work is what causes the most trouble for her here. So 4 was the final grade.