Rhythm Heaven Megamix

released on Jun 11, 2015

Test your rhythm by chopping wood, sticking speeding viruses with forks and playing badminton while flying an airplane, all in time to catchy tunes in this deceptively challenging rhythm game. The accessible controls and catchy music, combined with the new visual feedback system, make this a great entry in the Rhythm Paradise series. Can you match the beat and reach Rhythm Paradise ?

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So, I have a confession to make. As a Lover of the Rhythm Heaven Series, I genuinely dislike this game quite a bit for a number of reasons.
First of all, most of the games in this one are repeats, not that that is inherently bad, but the new games get sidelined quite a bit at times, with some of them never getting sequel games more so then ever before.
On top of this, I feel this game has the weakest remixes by far, even if I do enjoy the Orange Remix, Egg Remix, and Final Remix. The issue here too is this game also cut all the vocal versions of the remixes, unlike previous games which went all in.
It a shame to say, but alas, this game kind of just doesn't do it for me compared to the others.

o fever continua sendo melhor, mas esse não perde por muito não

Por alguna razón la 3DS no lo abre

This truly has been a rhythm heaven megamix

Probably the definitive Rhythm Heaven game. I dont think it fully replaces the DS one since that's got such a unique control method but still, a really fun time.

Objectively speaking, it's probably the best Rhythm Heaven game. It has the most content, a challange mode, a better level curve, a lot of QoL features such as being able to skip the title cards and the practices, and it tries to be a little more than just a game select screen.
However, even though you can see the ambition, it's not exactly without the questionable design choices. The story mode is good for what's worth, but it's admitedly a bit of a nuincence since you can't simply skip it. It's a pretty simple story, and the characters are all pretty cartoony and have pretty silly designs, but I think it fits the franchise well enough, I just wish that people that aren't interested could just skip.
There's also the prequel minigames. They don't exactly detract from the other minigames since for instance, you can still play the normal air rally game from fever, but they're still something worth pointing out. I can't blame the developers for adding them since rhythm heaven was always more of an casual take on rhythm games, and some people had a pretty hard time playing fever or ds, so trying to have easy minigames on the start so begginers can get used with the rhythm better is a smart move...buuut...it's not exactly great for veterans. They're extremely easy by design, and I can't blame anyone for thinking they're a bit too boring. I get their inclusion, but I think it could be handled in a slightly different way.
There's some pretty great inclusions whatever. There's is a new currency which is nice, and you can use it to buy what is essentially the reading material from the previous games, and also songs. You also get flow balls for beating the challange trains, which you can use to get extra minigames instead
Speaking of minigames, I think this game has a...nice selection of them! I actually like most of the new minigames (even if there's less of them), but the real star is how many old minigames from across the series there are! Of couse there's some..questionable choicesm and they couldn't pick EVERY minigame, and they ended up not picking some fan favorites, but I think the selection is mostly solid, since there's so many of these fan favorites. There's a lot of fever games which is understandable since it's probably the easiest game to port from.
TL;DR-This game is great. It's definitely the best game in the series, but it has some stuff holding it back from being truly the perfect rhythm heaven experience.