released on Jun 06, 2023

Blocks turn into sand. Clear pixels by lining up the same continous color from left to right.

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There are a lot of Tetris variants, there are few that can sell themselves as being genuinely clever and innovative within just a few seconds of gameplay.

This is what every newbie game designer dreams of coming up with, an incredibly original twist on the classic game Tetris. Played it when it was still named "Setris".

Many of us are too young to remember that before it was live-service/micro-transaction hell, we had clone games.
the many pong clones of the first gen, the many pacman clones of the second, etc..etc... down the line to the shooter wars of the seventh gen and the BR wars of this gen.
Sandtrix harkens back to the era of tetris clones. a bit reminiscent of pyramid in a way.
Completely bonkers as a concept, had it been released back in the day it would have been a minor riot, but as a modern gag game for, it's absolutely adorable.
Everyone learning to make games should try making their own version of tetris with a bonkers gimmick.

Real good time waster game. Got nothing to do? just watch some sand fall. It's addictive and frantic!

A fun twist. I Loved those old sand physics browser games and tetris pairs with anything pretty well. Has a fairly similar flow to building up a big wall and clearing them all at once with I blocks. Id play this again should i get the inkling.

Interesting and novel take on Tetris