Shrek 2

released on May 03, 2004

A port of Shrek 2

Shrek 2 for PC is a game released in early 2004. It is unique from the video game for other consoles, the main difference being that the game is a straightforward platformer/beat-em up with each level using a specific character. It also uses the Unreal Engine 2, developed by Epic Games.

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Pretty fun game, but its 4 hours long. the cookie man mission scared me when I was young. I am retarded

Fun fact: Roy, the save fairy, is called Salvo in the italian version of the game. Salvo is diminutive for Salvatore, literally "the one who saves". Salvo also speaks with a thick sicilian accent in the game because Sicily is the region where the name Salvo is most common.

When I played as a child, the game was too long and difficult for me. But now I finished it in 3 hours and while playing I asked myself "did I download the version for idiots or something?". :D

The level with rising water gave me my first traumas, sometimes I still have nightmares where I'm slowly drowning

Absolute masterpiece just like the film. Loved it so much as I kid I played it countless of times. I wished they had some more epic moments from the film but still goated.