Sin and Punishment

released on Nov 21, 2000

Earth is under threat from Ruffians - mutants bred to boost dwindling food stocks who have turned against their masters. As a young resistance fighter, face an onslaught of bio-genetic monsters and corrupt military forces in your battle to save the planet.

For the first time outside of Japan, you can experience the non-stop action of this Nintendo 64 classic, created by the shoot em up masters at Treasure Co. Ltd.

Battle across land, sea and sky; collect energy, time and point bonuses; rack up massive combos to earn extra continues; and face the wrath of enormous bosses. Plus - invite a friend to join in, controlling the gun sight while you move the character.

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My sin is not having played this earlier.
My punishment is sitting at my PC for half an hour trying to come up with a review, but the words just don't come to me.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't understand what the hell transpired in this game. It doesn't matter, though; enemies go boom.

Sin and Punishment is the best game on the N64.
At least, it's my favorite on the platform. Most N64 games have aged terribly or have been iterated on over the past twenty years (e.g. Mario 64 and Ocarina both have later entries that improve upon their design) but Sin and Punishment stands unmatched. It is a remarkable work of action game design and should be a frequent point of reference for any modern-day games lover.

Cool incarnate, like if you scanned a mecha-enthused 10 year old's idea of cool and just plastered the unfiltered thoughts onto the screen this is the result. Everything you do just goes from one to another in a series of hype moments with barely sensical threads (complementary). And it's also like, really competently put together top-to-bottom. It's Treasure! Gotta love treasure.
This next bit is just scattershot thoughts of a sort of malaise in my head, feel free to skip over it or pretend they don't exist. I honestly don't really have any 'real' issues with Sin and Punishment, not so much in a "mm yes critic's job is to-", but more in a "I don't know how I can condense my sort of npc-feelings I had at times into actual justifiable issues". I think just the n64 dirty-drab palette chosen here's like an instant turn-off for me and I turned my internal resolution way up. Although, I still lost my shit at the naval segment, and the finale. There's certainly not a lot of mechanical meat on its bones, but also it has more than any other rail shooter I know of? Normal is also not THAT hard for me and I managed to beat it without credit feeding. Idk, it's a great time! I just feel it really slipping from my grasp in impact quicker than I expect and it's only been 45 minutes ;;
Edit: WAIT hold on I figured one part out. The music blends so heavily together that it undercuts so much, you could randomly change them around and it'd do NOTHING. They should've at least done something to the final fight track!!!

I did not care for this. While technically impressive for its time and hardware, I really can't with this control scheme and the fact that it has a timer. It's story might have brought me some enjoyment if I did not need to read wikipedia to understand the very basics of what's going on.
I really do not get the underrated classic reputation this game gets.

What a wild ride this was! This was the second game I've played from Treasure (the first being Stretch Panic), and the one thing I noticed from the top is that these games don't hold back on putting gameplay over a weird and deep narrative. Even after reading a full plot summary, all I can still really understand from this one is there are artificial humans turned into mutants and there are these three individuals with abilities. Oh, and there's a character who turns into a kaiju/mecha thing? It's definitely a technical feat for the console with dynamic cutscenes and voiceovers and stuff, but that's about it.
Thankfully, the gameplay itself justifies this nonsensical stuff. Sin & Punishment is nothing more than an on-rail shooter with jumping, melee, and rolling. Once you get the feel of it, the flow is actually quite fun with the Nintendo 64 controller, despite some apparent difficulty spikes. Combined with its weird narrative, Sin & Punishment is a very anime, over-the-top shooter from beginning to end.
It's one hell of a time! Worth checking out because of the short length, too!

treasure may have finally made a decent game despite the skinny protagonist