Sin and Punishment

released on Nov 21, 2000

Earth is under threat from Ruffians - mutants bred to boost dwindling food stocks who have turned against their masters. As a young resistance fighter, face an onslaught of bio-genetic monsters and corrupt military forces in your battle to save the planet.

For the first time outside of Japan, you can experience the non-stop action of this Nintendo 64 classic, created by the shoot em up masters at Treasure Co. Ltd.

Battle across land, sea and sky; collect energy, time and point bonuses; rack up massive combos to earn extra continues; and face the wrath of enormous bosses. Plus - invite a friend to join in, controlling the gun sight while you move the character.

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did a replay with the AMAZING spanish fandub and translation! seriously this fan translation is amazing, the dub is better than the official english dub and its better than some official translations out there. if you ever needed a reason to play/replay sin and punishment do yourself a favour and play it in spanish!

This review contains spoilers

It was when the most androgynous man ever rendered by a 5th-generation console drowned in a tsunami of blood and transformed into an evangelion while the insanely cool boss battle music faded in that I realized I've been looking for this game all my life.

One day the sickos over at Treasure decided that it was a good idea to "make the best game ever on the most miserable console to develop for ever" and that's how Sin and Punishment was made. They also made up some crazy ass plot that you'll never understand. If you don't like it then I'm afraid you got filtered.

Treasure is one of those companies that once you've learned their existence, you begin to want to tell everyone about them. They're such a free flowing development team that output a lot of insanely good games, with a diversity of genres. Sin And Punishment is just one within their ranks, and it's take on an arcade shooter is phenomenal.
Their specialty are boss fights, they really understand the push and pull a boss fight should give the player. There's a lot you can study by replaying the game and understanding the mechanics of how they function, what they set up for the player, and how to take them down.
I haven't played this in quite a while, so I don't have a lot of pungent things to say that really get into the nitty gritty of what makes the game work, but it's such a great game, you guys, holy shit, go play Treasure games.

I was expecting to like this, but I wasn't expecting it to dethrone Star Fox 64 as my favorite on-rails shooter. There's just something about the speed of everything and the snappiness of the controls that makes it an absolute blast to play even if I have no clue what's going on with the story after like ten playthroughs.