Sky: Children of the Light

released on Jul 11, 2019

"Embark on a unforgettable social adventure and an ever expanding world.

Sky: Light Awaits is a heartwarming and beautifully-animated social adventure experience designed to be played together by you and your loved ones.

Set in a wonderland above the clouds, Sky invites you and your friends to fly up to explore the buried mysteries together and rebuild a fallen kingdom for its ancient inhabitants. Using your courage and compassion, players must connect as a community to share and build on their flame to spread light back into the world."

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jugar al online de este juego es una de las experiencias mas wholesomes que puedes tener

Honestamente, no me ha dicho mucho ni me ha invitado a seguir jugando más allá de un par de horas. Visualmente es muy bonito, eso sí.

Esse jogo é muito bom, tem uma trilha sonora fantástica, um gráfico lindíssimo, uma gameplay relaxante e reconfortante, ele te deixa calmo, te trás um ar de felicidade, ele chega a ser nostálgico, o problema é ser um pouco repetitivo.

Exceptionally comfy.

Soaring against gentle winds, linking hands with strangers to stall the encroaching darkness, and merrily skipping through painterly pastel fields; these dreamlike moments are unforgettable.

Sky's emotional core lies in wholesome interactions with its community. Every expression is brilliantly crafted with a heartwarming essence; regardless of if you're laughing, cheering, crying, shivering, waving, or even stomping angrily, the tangible passion found within every animation makes collecting them a joy. I spent much of my playtime doing nothing but interacting with other community members.

Whether I was solving puzzles, scouring for secret areas, or assisting others through the dim corners of this beautiful (and occasionally terrifying) world, every moment of this experience gave rise to a sense of ephemeral peace.

Marking this as complete after beating the final level and seeing the end credits roll, even though this is the kind of game they want you to play continuously for elongated periods of term. I don’t really see the reason for this. Sky is basically a retreading of everything we’ve seen in Journey and Abzû, although it does reward exploration a little more, where it reminded me of Grow Home/Grow Up. The biggest issue I have is that I don’t have any idea what kind of game this is. Best I can tell, it’s a quasi-social MMO that let’s you befriend other players and explore the world together, but… why? I understand there are different seasons, and more challenges or areas are added, but there is not much else to do once you’ve seen the end, except raise your Candle points (equivalent to experience points) so you can use these points to unlock cosmetics so that you character looks slightly goofier than all the other players. On top of that, you get such a miserable little amount of the points, you will HAVE to buy some through the games in-game shop. The blight that is Freemium games and its predatory mechanics. Honestly, that alone was the reason I was willing to give this game one fucking star, baby. However, I did enjoy my time with the game and emoting around with other people, but again, nothing extraordinarily good.